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Welcome to Westchester Catering premium wedding catering service in Mount Kisco. With our exceptional service standards and attention to detail, we offer an unforgettable culinary experience for your special day.From delectable wedding catering packages to exquisite wedding cakes and desserts, we ensure that every aspect of your wedding feast is meticulously crafted and tailored to your unique preferences.Choose us for a seamless, stress-free catering experience that will leave you and your guests truly impressed.

Wedding Catering Services

Wedding catering services provide professional food and beverage solutions for couples on their special day. These services offer a wide range of wedding menu options to suit different tastes and preferences. From traditional sit-down dinners to buffet-style spreads and even food trucks, wedding catering trends are constantly evolving to meet the changing demands of couples and their guests.

One popular trend in wedding catering is the inclusion of specialty menus that cater to specific dietary needs. Whether it’s vegetarian, gluten-free, or vegan options, couples can ensure that all their guests are well taken care of. Another trend is the incorporation of local and seasonal ingredients, which not only adds a unique touch to the menu but also supports local farmers and producers.

In addition to the food, wedding catering services also provide beverage solutions, including customized cocktails and signature drinks that reflect the couple’s personality. With experienced chefs and skilled staff, wedding catering services ensure that the culinary aspect of the wedding is executed flawlessly, leaving couples and their guests with a memorable dining experience.


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Wedding Catering Packages

When it comes to wedding catering, couples are looking for custom food and beverage packages that can be tailored to their specific preferences and dietary needs.Interactive stations and gourmet buffets have become increasingly popular, allowing guests to create their own unique dining experience.And of course, no wedding is complete without a dream wedding cake and a selection of delectable desserts to satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth.
Wedding catering packages offer a comprehensive and personalized dining experience that will leave guests impressed and satisfied.

Custom Food Package

Custom food and beverage packages

The catering service in Mount Kisco offers a range of custom food and beverage packages for weddings. When it comes to creating a memorable dining experience, food presentation plays a crucial role. The catering service understands the importance of visual appeal and ensures that each dish is beautifully presented, adding an extra touch of elegance to the wedding reception. From stylish plating techniques to artful garnishes, the team pays attention to every detail to make the food not only taste delicious but also look visually stunning.
In addition to food presentation, menu customization is another key aspect of the custom food and beverage packages offered by the catering service. They work closely with the couple to understand their preferences, dietary restrictions, and cultural traditions to create a menu that perfectly reflects their unique taste and style. Whether it’s incorporating family recipes or designing a themed menu, the catering service is committed to providing a personalized dining experience that exceeds expectations.


Interactive stations and gourmet buffets

The catering service in Mount Kisco offers interactive stations and gourmet buffets as part of their comprehensive wedding catering packages.These interactive stations provide a unique and engaging experience for guests, allowing them to customize their meals to their liking. From build-your-own taco bars to sushi stations, guests can indulge in their favorite flavors and create their own culinary masterpieces.
The gourmet buffets are designed to showcase the finest ingredients and flavors, offering a wide variety of delectable dishes to suit every palate. From succulent roast meats to decadent seafood platters, the options are endless.The caterers meticulously select the highest quality ingredients and present them in an elegant and visually stunning manner.
With interactive stations and gourmet buffets, the catering service in Mount Kisco ensures that every guest’s taste buds are satisfied and their culinary experience is truly unforgettable.

Dream wedding cakes and desserts

For an unforgettable wedding experience in Mount Kisco, indulge in dream wedding cakes and delectable desserts as part of the catering service’s comprehensive wedding catering packages.
When it comes to the centerpiece of the reception, the dream wedding cake, the options are endless. From classic flavors like vanilla and chocolate to more unique combinations like lavender and lemon or raspberry champagne, couples can choose their favorite flavors to create a cake that truly represents their love story. These dream wedding cakes are expertly crafted by skilled pastry chefs who pay meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that each cake is not only visually stunning but also irresistibly delicious.

Wedding Cakes & Desserts

When it comes to wedding cakes and desserts, our catering service offers a range of options to suit every couple’s taste and style.We specialize in custom wedding cake design and baking, allowing you to choose from a variety of flavors and decorative styles to create the perfect centerpiece for your special day.Additionally, we provide a matching cutting service to ensure that your cake is served with elegance and precision.

Custom Wedding Cake Design & Baking

How can couples achieve a personalized and exquisite wedding cake design for their special day in Mount Kisco?
When it comes to custom wedding cake design and baking, there are a plethora of options available to couples in Mount Kisco. From unique cake designs to personalized cake decorations, the possibilities are endless.
To begin the process, couples can schedule cake tasting appointments and cake consultation services to explore different flavors and gather creative cake ideas. Once the flavors and design inspiration are finalized, couples can discuss cake pricing options and the cake ordering process with their chosen bakery.
It is essential to find a bakery that offers wedding cake delivery, ensuring that the cake arrives in perfect condition on the big day. With attention to detail and collaboration with a skilled bakery, couples can create a custom wedding cake that not only tastes incredible but also serves as a stunning centerpiece for their celebration.

Choice of flavors, decorative styles

Couples in Mount Kisco have the opportunity to select from a wide range of flavors and decorative styles when choosing their wedding cakes and desserts. The choice of flavors is an essential aspect of creating a memorable culinary experience for guests. From classic flavors like vanilla and chocolate to more unique options such as red velvet or lemon raspberry, couples can customize their menu to suit their preferences and wow their guests’ taste buds.
When it comes to decorative styles, the options are endless. From elegant and traditional designs to modern and whimsical creations, couples can work with their wedding caterer to bring their vision to life. Whether it’s intricate floral designs, delicate piping, or stunning cake toppers, every detail can be tailored to match the couple’s theme and personal style.

Matching cutting service

The matching cutting service for wedding cakes and desserts in Mount Kisco ensures a seamless and elegant presentation for the couple’s culinary centerpiece.When it comes to wedding menu options, the cutting technique used for cakes and desserts plays a crucial role in maintaining the overall aesthetic of the event. Experienced catering services in Mount Kisco employ matching cutting techniques that are not only visually appealing but also preserve the integrity of the dessert.
The professionals carefully slice the cake or dessert, ensuring each portion is identical in size and shape. This attention to detail enhances the dining experience for the guests and adds to the overall ambiance of the wedding.

Accommodations & Exceptional Service Standards

When it comes to wedding catering in Mount Kisco, accommodations and exceptional service standards are of the utmost importance.Whether your guests have dietary restrictions or specific preferences, our catering service is well-equipped to handle it all.From kosher to halal, vegetarian to vegan, we strive to provide a diverse menu that caters to everyone’s needs while maintaining the highest standards of service.


With a focus on accommodating diverse dietary needs, our wedding catering service in Mount Kisco offers exceptional service standards for kosher events.
We understand the importance of providing a kosher wedding menu that adheres to the strict dietary laws of Judaism. Our team of experienced chefs and event planners work closely with each couple to create a customized kosher catering experience that exceeds expectations.
From traditional dishes to modern interpretations, our kosher catering options showcase the rich flavors and culinary traditions of Jewish cuisine. We use only the highest quality ingredients, ensuring that every dish is prepared with care and attention to detail.
Whether it’s a small, intimate gathering or a large, extravagant affair, our kosher wedding catering service is dedicated to delivering an unforgettable culinary experience for you and your guests.


Our wedding catering service in Mount Kisco offers exceptional halal catering service standards for halal events. We understand the importance of providing halal catering options that meet the dietary requirements of our Muslim clients.
Halal is a term used to describe food that is permissible according to Islamic law. It ensures that the food is prepared in a way that is clean and follows specific guidelines. Our experienced chefs are well-versed in halal cooking techniques and use only halal-certified ingredients to create delicious and authentic dishes.
From appetizers to main courses and desserts, we offer a wide range of halal food options to suit every palate. Our team is dedicated to providing a memorable dining experience, ensuring that every guest feels accommodated and satisfied with our halal catering service.


We prioritize the dietary needs of our vegetarian and vegan clients, ensuring exceptional service standards and accommodating their preferences.
At Wedding Catering Service Mount Kisco, we understand the importance of providing delicious and satisfying vegetarian options for our clients. Our team of experienced chefs creates delectable dishes that are not only visually appealing but also packed with flavors that will impress even the most discerning palate.
From hearty salads and flavorful vegetable stir-fries to delightful plant-based entrees, we strive to offer a diverse range of vegetarian options that will please all guests. Additionally, we specialize in vegan catering, ensuring that our plant-based clients have an unforgettable dining experience.

Why choose Us

Offering exceptional culinary experiences and impeccable service, our wedding catering service in Mount Kisco stands out as the perfect choice for discerning couples seeking a memorable and seamless dining experience on their special day.
We understand that every couple is unique, which is why we pride ourselves on providing a wide range of menu options that can be personalized to suit your individual tastes and preferences.
From elegant plated dinners to creative food stations and interactive culinary experiences, our talented chefs will work closely with you to curate a menu that reflects your vision and captures the essence of your love story.
In addition to our unique menu options, our dedicated team is committed to providing personalized service, ensuring that every detail is thoughtfully executed and that your guests are treated to an unforgettable dining experience.
With our expertise and attention to detail, you can trust us to deliver a wedding feast that will exceed your expectations and leave a lasting impression on your guests. Contact us now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Wedding Catering Service Accommodate Dietary Restrictions or Special Meal Requests?

Yes, wedding catering services often accommodate dietary restrictions and special meal requests. They understand the importance of providing options for guests with specific needs, ensuring a memorable and inclusive dining experience.

What Is the Average Cost per Person for Wedding Catering Packages?

When it comes to wedding catering, couples often want to know the average cost per person for packages. Additionally, many couples seek a customizable menu that can accommodate dietary restrictions or special meal requests.

Does the Wedding Catering Service Provide Options for Both Indoor and Outdoor Wedding Receptions?

Yes, our wedding catering service offers options for both indoor and outdoor wedding receptions. With a wide range of outdoor wedding venues available, we ensure that your special day is tailored to your preferences. Hiring a wedding caterer provides numerous benefits, including professional food service and a customized menu.

Can the Wedding Catering Service Provide a Tasting Session Before Finalizing the Menu?

Yes, the wedding catering service can provide a tasting session before finalizing the menu. This allows couples to sample different dishes and provide feedback, ensuring a customized and satisfying culinary experience for their wedding reception.

Are There Any Additional Fees for Set Up, Clean Up, or Service Staff for the Wedding Reception?

Additional fees for set up, clean up, or service staff may apply to the wedding reception. It is important to inquire about these fees beforehand to ensure transparency and avoid any unexpected costs.

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